Solar Off--Grid

Solar Photovoltaic System with batteries. Solar charges the batteries and energy is distributed to electric loads. Application in no power or intermittent power scenarios to become energy independant

Solar PV system without batteries and is grid interactive in nature.

Net-metering/Gross-metering concepts can be applied depending on the regional policies. Finds application in reducing electricity bills or as an investment avenue. 

Solar On--Grid

Solar Rooftop

We do provide carefully designed customised solutions for Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Institutes and organisations. Choice between Solar Off-Grid, Solar On-Grid & Hybrid solutions are provided based on energy availability, energy consumption pattern and client specific needs

Solar Leasing

Solar Power as a service is provided for commercial, industrial, educational institutions etc. for system capacity of 100kWp and above. Buy cheaper solar power from your rooftop modules 

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