SunInTown Solar Analysis Platform

This is a map based portal built on Geographical Information System (GIS) which maps urban/ semi urban rooftops.

This can provide useful data for the potential solar system adopters for better and faster decision making.

Once the location is selected, the internal engine extracts the rooftop area, radiation data of the location and performs calculations to suggest a system size based on the percentage shadow estimates, energy consumption and budgetary constraints if any. This portal also provides system cost, energy generation, return on investment, Climate Impact and local incentives and policy support depending on the region.

SunInTown Plans


  • Pre-feasibility analysis.

  • Knowledge base .

  • Instant reports.

  • Policy support .



  • Full access to portal.

  • Qualified Lead generation.

  • Api access for developers.

  • CRM Module and macro data for targeted marketing. 


Everything in Individual plan and..


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